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"Han gör ofta sökningar i det här materialet."

Translation:He often does searches in this material.

May 24, 2016



Very odd sentence in English...

Improvement would be "he often searches within these sources"


Agreed. I used "makes" rather than "does", which I think is a little better. Obviously it's not a direct translation ... any opinions on whether it should be accepted?


I don't know what the English sentence means, so I don't know what the Swedish sentence means.

Can someone explain what the word "material" means in this sentence? "Material" in English does not seem to be the right translation.


I agree. I didn't understand it either so I asked my Swedish friend. She said that this would better be translated to "He often searches in this source." E.g. If a man looked through a book for quotes (if he was a journalist) or if he often looked on a social media platform to find out more about people (if he was an investigator for example) ; one could say that he searched the materials (the social media platforms or newspapers).

Hope this helped a little bit.


Yes, this helps! Thank you!


Agreed. A strange sentence


What does this sentence even mean? I am a native English speaker, and this sentence in English makes no sense whatsoever to me.


Glad to hear you say so.


Think of material as in research material. Then instead of "in", replace it with "for".


I agree, except about replacing "in" with "for" because that changes the meaning of the sentence.


Can someone explain what this situation would look like? He's not searching FOR the material, but IN the material? So, for example: "He often does searches for information in a large collection of rare books." ?


Yeah, or in a database of some sort for example.


I don't have any difficulty understanding the sentence, just don't know what I'd use it. More likely I'd say, "He often searches this material" ... for new ideas or some such thing. That said, going from English to Swedish... must one MAKE a search? Can't someone simply search the material?


That was my thought: "does" seems unnecessary—even graceless—in the sentence.


This is such a weird sentence...


What would "for this material" be?


That would be "[letar] efter det här materialet" but you can't really use that construction in the context of this sentence.


Why not "he does searches often in this material" ??


That sounds good to me. It's almost a direct translation from the Swedish.
The only thing that sounds "off" in English is the placement on the word "often." I would move it to this:

He often does searches in this material.


That was the word order that naturally came to mind for me after reading the Swedish sentence, although I agree if there was anything that might be moved, it would be the "often". Glad you agree that "does searches often" sounds fine though, because I was very surprised to see that it wasn't accepted and thought I was going slightly mad! :')


"...and thought I was going slightly mad!"

Lol! I hear ya! :D


he often makes searches in this material - not allowed but a better translation


"He often makes searches for this material" would be a far better sentence in English, if we must use the word "material" at all, as one would be more likely tosay that "He often searches for this material".


I didn't use does and was marked incorrect, but using it sounds bizarre to add it here in English...

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