"Châu Mỹ"

Translation:The Americas

May 24, 2016



From Chinese 洲 zhōu (Cantonese zau1), ‘continent’, and 美 měi (Cantonese mei5, Hakka mî, Fuzhou mī), ‘beautiful; America (abbreviated)’.

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Are North and South America considered a single continent in Vietnam?


my dad says it is so. but as my family left VN over 35 yrs ago, I cannot be sure if considering the Americas as one sole continent is still the norm. that being said, you can make the distinction between the three of them by calling them "Bắc Mỹ", "Trung Mỹ" and "Nam Mỹ", respectively North America, Central America and South America.


Shouldn't this translation say just America? I was born and raised here and we dont call anything in our country "the Americas" that I know of.


Define "here". Nothing in the US is called "the Americas" because the term refers to the collective North+Central+South America since "America" by itself has come to be synonymous with "the United States".

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I'm not a native Vietnamese speaker, but I believe that the country America (i.e. the United States), would be called nước Mỹ. Châu Mỹ seems to refer to the continent of "the Americas", that is, all landmass west of the Atlantic Ocean and east of the Pacific.

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