"What is your dream?"

Translation:Jakie masz marzenie?

May 24, 2016

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Would "Jakie marzenie masz" be wrong?


Maybe not totally wrong, but pretty unusual. I don't think it's acceptable here.


Is there any guidance anywhere abut whether the object should come before or after the verb?


Почему не подходит, как вариант: "Jakie są wasze marzenie"


Są (суть) - глагол во множественном числе. Существительное marzenie тут в единственном числе, поэтому требуется форма глагола третьего лица единственного числа: jest.

Если Вам не трудно, формулируйте вопросы на английском языке.


Is the word "sen" not accepted?


It is accepted, it should have worked.

It's usually simply "a dream" that you have when you sleep, but sometimes it can also be "a dream that one day I will become the best footballer in the world". It also means 'the state of being asleep'.


What is the rule for "jakie masz" versus "co jest twoj"? I might still be translating too literally but would like to look up a guide


It could be "Co jest twoim marzeniem?" here, with "twoje marzenie" taking the Instrumental form. It's definitely fine, but I think it's a more natural thing to say that in Polish you 'have' a dream. So this is basically "What dream do you have?" vs "What is your dream?".


I don't believe that macie should work here. If you were talking to more than one person dreams would be plural. I can't think of a single context where you would ask a group of people what their single dream was.


I think it's too much to say that it "cannot work", but I agree that it's odd and therefore it shouldn't be suggested. The expected answer now will be the singular one.


It doesn't sound odd to me. "What is your dream?" is a question one could easily ask a couple, a music band or a sports team. But this is not a request to change anything ;-)

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