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  5. "У них нет папы."

"У них нет папы."

Translation:They do not have a father.

May 24, 2016



That was a blow to the liver, Duo.


I put "they don't have dads," why is this incorrect? Doesn't genitive singular include small numbers of plural nouns? Maybe it would be better to say, "у них нет папов" in that case? Thanks for your help!


They don't have a papi


No the genitive form is just the same as the plural sometimes. The genitive of папа is папы and just means dad singular


A comment actually about learning the language: I believe this sentence could also be translated as "They do not have father" (as might be heard in a film about a kidnap, for example). Also, it would be very useful if Duolingo added grammatical info to the solutions, e.g. here них is genitive of 'they', (as required when using "У... " for possession. And 'папы' is genitive singular of 'папа', because it's describing the absence of a father. Also 'папа' is a more informal word, so may be better translated as 'dad'. 'Отец' is more formal, so seems to correspond better to 'father'.


According to my Russian textbook, the preposition у always follows genitive. The genitive of них is их. Will it be wrong if I used их instead?


No их is nominative and них is genitive


Why is it папы and not папа?


Because it’s in the genitive case. Duolingo does a bad job at explaining cases, so I’d recommend watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHAIqnLPtmk&app=desktop


They dont have a PAPI


I wrote "They have not a father" lmao :D


Can you give them their father back, Duo?

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