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Imersion VS Good Study!!!

When you translate a text, if you liked it, you can give a positive vote to person that registered the text. It is a great incentive. Good translations. Please fell free to fix my text if I wrote wrong. It is because I like to write in English, so it is a way to study English. Try it you too.

May 24, 2016

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Hello JulianoRoc6! Very good your iniciative in write english, is a motivation for much people that are writing and studying in english language! Congratulations for your iniciative! I see later and good studies!

May 24, 2016


Thanks for the comment. I'm really happy with it.


Usa o aplicativo Speaky é uma rede social para treinar qualquer linguá http://www.gospeaky.com/?origin=39238


thtat's great. I am going to see it. thanks.


Always that I translate I do it, and think that motivates in the learning. (sorry for my bad english, but that's all there is today.kkk)


kkkkkk. That's great, the important thing is to train and try to do without fear. Good luck for us.


You are right. It's very important.


Duolingo users might think about that !!!

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