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"They think wearing slippers is not respectful."

Translation:Họ nghĩ mang dép là không tôn trọng.

May 24, 2016



Why do I need 'la' in this sentence?


In this case, we need the là because the subject is a clause: "wearing slippers". If the sybject is just a noun, you do not need the là: "Slippers are not respectful".


"Họ nghĩ mang dép không tôn trọng"? I thought "là" was not needed in noun-adjective sentences. Is "tôn trọng" not considered an adjective in Vietnamese?


Should mang and mặc be used in different situations?


Think of it like this:

mặc = for things that wrap around your body and legs (shirts, pants, jackets, coats).

mang = for things that you put on your feet and your face (shoes, glasses, purses).

đội = for things that you put on your head.

đeo = for things that dangle from your body (earnings, necklace, bracelet, rings, backpack)


Hm. Đó là rất hay. Cảm ơn.

Oh, and purses would go in the "feet and face" category? Would other things that you carry go there as well?


I hope I don't overload you with these terms:

mang = wear, carry = things you carry but not actively with your hands/arms.

cầm = hold = things you hold in/with your hands.

xách = carry = things you carry by the handles with your hands.

ôm = hug = things you wrap your arms around, hold close to your chest. So if the bag is big, you ôm it. Note that "I hug you" also uses ôm.

bồng = carry a person or animal, usually a baby, in your arms. Bồng is really just for humans. There is a sense of tenderly loving care going with it. When you use it for animals, you personify the animals, suggesting you love them like your babies.

vác = carry = heavy things you carry on your shoulders like a log, a bag of sand.


Very interesting, again. Thanks; I'll be sure to make a note of all of these.


Also đi = for things that you put on your feet (I'm not sure if we can use ''mang kính'' or not, but for me I use ''đeo kính''


Why do we need 'là'? 'Respectful' is an adjective.


To add to the non-answered questions--why is là enforced? I think it should be optional.


Accepting là is necessary, why not ".......không phải là tôn trọng"?

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