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  5. "Six rabbits"

"Six rabbits"

Translation:Chwech cwningen

May 24, 2016



Cwningen is like the German kaninchen :) thats how i remember it


How is chwe interchangeable with chwech?


As explained in the course notes, pump, chwech and cant should drop their last letter in front of nouns to become pum..., chwe..., can...:

  • pum cath - five cats
  • chwe chath - six cats (there is an aspirate mutation after chwe)
  • can cath - a hundred cats

Some examples in the course do not do this at the moment - we will be making the changes as soon as we can.


why not '6 cwningod'? Surely it requires a plural ending?

  • 2210

Number plus singular noun is the basic rule in Welsh


Remember that the structure of Welsh is very different from English. There is a choice in Welsh with nouns following numbers. The usual, modern choice is to use the singular following a number:

  • saith cwningen

Alternatively, and which was traditional for larger numbers, the plural follows a number + o:

  • cant o gwningod


The option "chwe chwningen" is sort of out of left-field for novices like me. Why "chwningen"? I guess I can see from another comment that a mutated initial consonant sound comes after "chwe"


The aspirate mutation after tri and chwe is explained in the notes for this section, 'Animals'.

The notes are well worth reading before starting a new section, as we say here.


No YOU have a typo in your answer... :)


I swear I picked chwech , -ch intact, and got it wrong. And then when asked again picked chwe, -ch dropped and noun mutated, and STILL got it wrong.


The accepted answers here are:

  • chwe chwningen - this is the best answer
  • chwech cwningen - although this is not very good Welsh - it will probably be removed in the next version of the course, or at least not presented as an example to follow. (The reasons for it still being here are explained in the course notes)

If this is what you think you typed, check the spelling of chwningen - people often write the letter -g- instead of the letter -ng-.


Nope. I read that discussion when I got it wrong the first time. Then when coming across it again I thought I'd learned my lesson, only to still get it wrong. I already reported that every option I chose for this multiple choice question was getting marked wrong. It was the last question left and I kept alternating between both and got a streak of like 8 wrong in a row because of it. I even picked the choice talking about 19 of some other animal just for shticks and giggles.


I cannot find that question as yet. Are you using one the apps, iOS or Android, or the web version? Have you checked that you are using the latest version of the app? If on a computer, which browser? Can you give me the exact details of the section, the question and the options given? A screen shot would be helpful if you can get one.

Thank you in advance.


Whoops nvm. Was about to upload the screenshots when I noticed that question asked to select multiple answers and I just wasn't doing that.

I never even knew this site had those kinds of questions. I was just focused on grammar too much that I didn't notice the instructions. My bad.

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