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Will Japanese & Mandarin be added in the future?

Or is the Duolingo team developing it at the moment?

January 27, 2013



I would love Japanese


what are planned for the next languages to be added?


I would love as well japanese


I have read several times, although i don't remember where, that mandarin is the closest next addition. I don't think that means before -or after- reverse learning. It actully wouldn't be hard to believe that these implementations are fairly independent...

I have the feeling that not many languages are going to be added after Mandarin, although that's just me. From the begining, there was the long-term goal of enabling users to learn tons of language from a limited set of widely used languages. That obviously includes English & Spanish, and likely Mandarin. So I sort of deduced from that that this set of languages is going to be developped first, from then to English, then directly with one another (learn Mandarin from Spanish and reverse), in order to prove that the system works for many users, make the website grow, etc. And only after all that would more languages be added. The bad thing if this is true is that, if your mother tongue is not part of this short list, you'll be left aside for a (possibly long) while.

but again, this is mostly speculation on my part.


Duolingo team is not planning to add any more languages. They will continue to improve the current language courses and also work on the options for the users to add new languages.


did you hear this from the duolingo team? I saw in the reddit AMA summary that they're working on Chinese and Japanese.. http://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/y914v/luis_von_ahn_ama_aug_14_2012_summary/

But you and I think another moderator said they're not working on Japanese, so now I'm not sure..


Yes, I heard this from Duolingo team and from the recent Luis's AMA on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1fa3nu/iama_scientist_and_entrepreneur_named_luis_von/


sad to hear this, but thanks for the information! :) On the other hand, this means I would get the chance to help other Thais learn English sooner rather than later, which is awesome! :)

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