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  5. "I am human."

"I am human."

Translation:Tôi là một con người.

May 24, 2016



This entire section is useless to me if there are no verbal translation to accompany the written translation. Can the native speakers contribute in this way? My main objective is to converse with the Vietnamese people around me, not read Vietnamese.


I'm a Vietnamese. I'm learning English so I can help you.


Use forvo, as they are working to add new sounds, but the amount of sounds they can add is limited.


They have some sounds now, but if you have Vietnamese people all around you, you can ask them to read the sentences for you. If you do this enough eventually you won't need their help to read it anymore.


I totally agree!!!


How am I supposed to write with Vietnamese characters? It keeps saying I have typos in my answer.


You're welcome!


Thank you for the link. Using the android Vietnamese keyboard, I'm able to hold-press a key to get many accents, but some still aren't there. Eg. I can do ơ and ò but not them both together to get ớ (I cut and paste that in). Any advice?


G'day, mate!

Check if your phone keyboard supports VNI or Telex input method. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15390991 .If you type "aw" and you see "ă" then you are using Telex method. If you type "a8" and you get "ă" then you are using VNI method.

I've just checked the default Android VN keyboard on one of my phones and I could see all characters I want. For example: I hold-pressed the letter O and I could see O, Ó, Ò, Ỏ, Õ, Ọ, Ô, Ố, Ồ, Ổ, Ỗ, Ộ, Ơ, Ớ, Ờ, Ở, Ỡ, Ợ. When you hold-press a key and you can't seem to find the characters you want then your keyboard doesn't support the full set of Vietnamese characters. You can download 3rd party keyboards from Play Store. I recommend La Ban Key since you can type with both Telex and VNI methods. Or you can go with Google Keyboard (it seems to support Telex only???).


try this keyboard. It has all of the Vietnamese characters. http://usefulwebtool.com/en/vietnamese-keyboard.php


on smartphone you can use Gboard of google. It support many languages.


It would be great if we could hear the sentences pronounced (I think they are already recorded anyway)


This is very confusing, how am I supposed to know how to pronounce it?


It would be nice if duolingo could add the special characters below the typing box, like they do in Spanish, German, French, etc. I understand that would end up being a lot of extra characters but it would help me a great deal.


I am slightly confused


this is so different from Spanish


I know right! lol


does anyone here do Spanish French and Italian?


Toi la nguoi


I am me is ridiculous


How do you add the flourishes on the "u" and "o" in human?


See this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15390991 You may want to use Unikey (also in that post) to type proper Vietnamese characters :)


how can I write the characters?


See this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15390991 You may want to use Unikey (also in that post) to type proper Vietnamese characters :)


I wrote the exact sentence here with the accents right and still got 'almost right'. I think it has something to do with how my Windows language setup works because the accent over à looks different to the one over ờ - it's higher up, see?


Please take a look at this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15390991 You may also want to use Unikey to type proper Vietnamese characters http://www.unikey.org/. Hints: Most Vietnamese people use Unikey for this purpose. The program is free and open-source ;)


I am American and I do not have these accent marks on my keyboard so everytime I type something correct, just no accent marks. I get marked wrong or "Woot! Almost Correct!". Anyone know a way where I can get these accent marks thank you.


What type of devices and operating systems are you using? For more info, see this https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15390991


i am a American to and i do not have the accent marks either


How was I supposed to know that, I can't understand anything! There is no way for me to know that, I have no reminder on it, I literally JUST WROTE THE WORDS DOWN! I don't even know how to say it either because it does not say the word. Also, I don't have the 'type of computer' for the Vietnamese language. Please work harder on your lessons next time.


I don't get why there is no sound when you click the sound button to hear what it sounds like


There's no audio for this sentence yet. You may visit forvo.com and listen to each word there.


I can't get the accents on my keyboard


I typed the correct answer using the program on my iPhone, and indicated my answer was incorrect. I even tried using the Vietnamese keyboard so that I had the correct accent marks and it still said my answer was incorrect. I typed the same answer on my desktop computer and it said my answer was correct, but I had typo errors. How do I resolve this? I would like to use the program on both my phone and desktop. Thank you for your help.


I suggest you use Unikey for Windows and Laban Key or SwiftKey for Android. The default VN keyboards on Windows and Android don't play well with Duolingo.

I'm not sure about MacOS and iOS since I don't use any of them. More info: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15390991


Nemo Vietnamese is much better AND has sound. This course is useless..


Please add more sounds-explanations.


TELEX KEYBOARD COMBINATION a ă â á à ả ạ ã a aw aa as af ar aj ax

ấ ầ ẩ ậ ẫ
aas aaf aar aaj aax

ắ ằ ẳ ặ ẵ aws awf awr awj awx

Same for other vowels that have accent. Use s f r j x to get the accents.


bạn không là người thì bạn là gì???


Hello quick question. If "tôi là con người."means i am human what doed "con" mean? Is it a marker?


in this sentence, it is a classifier indicating animals, including humans.



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