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"A Short History of Wales"

Happened across this on Gutenberg the other day:


It's quite a good read, lively and well-written. It touches on the connections between Welsh words and Latin, among other things. It also has lots of battles that sound like something out of Game of Thrones. Enjoy!

Edit: glad to see a few people have noticed this. I've read several chapters now. It's interesting to see events in English history described from a Welsh point of view, though one has to take some of them with a large grain of salt. Still, as a quick introduction I'm quite enjoying it.

May 25, 2016



I'll have to read through that when I have some more free time, but in school history lessons, Welsh history was easily my favourite topic - lots went on over here over the past couple millennia!


Interesting! It'll take me some time to read, and I'll let you know about my reading experience after I finish reading it.



I have saved that to read later. Thank you, I really want to learn more about Welsh history!


" If you are a stranger, you will think of it as “Wales”—a strange country; if you are Welsh, you will think of it as “Cymru”—a land of brothers."

A passionate man wrote this book ^^.


Just downloaded it, but when to find time to read it with all this duolingo still to learn....?

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