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Bugs: missing line, wrong page

Here are two of the glitches I've found so far in the new design: missing link
One of the connections between the points in the XP history is missing. I don't know what caused that, but I just thought I'd point it out.

wrong page
To get this bug, click the "Discussion" tab and then immediately click the "Home" tab. This is annoying when I think I want to go discuss something, and then suddenly change my mind.

January 24, 2014



Thanks! We're going to be fixing the issue with the graph soon. Thanks for reporting the Discussion/home bug.


Sometimes I don't even see some of the dots on the graph, not only the lines. And at least once I didn't even see the "TODAY ...XP" text.


Yeah, that has been happening way before the new design was for the web... I remember that happening to me a lot with the old one. Thanks for speaking up about it! I was going to do that myself a while ago, but I kept forgetting to make a troubleshooting discussion lol. :-/ :-)

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