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How fluent are you after completing Duolingo Turkish?

I wanted to ask anyone that has finished their Turkish tree how well they actually can speak the language now. Especially if you didn't know any Turkish at all before starting.

May 25, 2016



I have finished the Turkish tree. I will finish the reverse tree within two weeks (I hope). I did not know any Turkish when I started. Now I can write short paragraphs about familiar topics. I try to do reading practice every week, and I am noticing a great improvement. I can understand easy newspaper articles. (health, lifestyle, etc, not politics or business). That's the good news.

Now for the bad news. My listening is horrible, and doesn't seem to be improving. I still tune out in the middle of a long sentence. I just can't seem to keep track of a long sentence at all. Even when I have listened to the sentence many times and I know what it means, I can't keep my focus. I know it's because of the word order. I have noticed, however, that when I am listening to people having easy conversations about normal things, I can understand most of it (if they speak slowly!).

As far as speaking goes, I can think of lots of things to say, when I try to talk to people, I panic and can't say anything at all. However, that is my personality, and not my ability. I often practice saying things to myself and I think I'm making good progress. If I were a confident person, I think that I would be able to have quite good conversations about familiar topics at this point.


I think it would be best to watch Turkish TV with Turkish subtitles. This website is the best thing I've found: http://engelsiz.kanald.com.tr/

Actually, someone else posted it, but I can't remember who. Also, I recommend watching one of the dramas. They speak at a normal pace while the comedy show actors speak really quickly.


This looks awesome. I'm still barely starting with Turkish, but this is very helpful. I'm sure it will help with my listening comprehension.


Hi there it was turkish easy or difficult to learn for you at the beginning


For your listening skills, you can try watching Turkish TV Series. They're a big thing in Turkey. You can try watching with English subtitles, although I don't recommend it.

If you want any suggestions on what to watch, you can always ask me ;) I'm a big fan of Turkish TV.


Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, my listening is very weak and I am not quite ready for TV. I need to improve before I attempt it. I know that using subtitles is not a good idea for learning, but if I watch without subtitles, I will not understand anything. I think I should use materials for learners until I improve enough to have a chance to understand TV. After that I will be able to start watching TV series, and I know that my listening will very quickly improve. It's definitely part of my plan, and I am really looking forward to it.


can you recommand me something ?


I am just half way trough, at the "family" point. I am definitely not fluent, but I can honestly say that I know so much more than before. After 98 days with same words it works :D

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