Linguistic Terminology

Having trouble finding the correct Danish translation to some linguistic terms and would appreciate any help.

Intensive Reflexive Pronoun

Non-Gradable Adjectives

Phrase (sætningsled?)


Noun/Nominal Phrase

Adjective Phrase

Phrasal Verb

Exclamatory Sentence

Thanks in advance! :)

2 years ago

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I can't help you with all of them, but here are the ones I know:

phrase = sætningsled ("sentence joint")

clause = ledsætning ("joint sentence")

noun = substantiv or navneord ("name word," and before you ask: the word for proper noun is proprium or egennavn ("own name"))

phrasal verb = fast udtryk ("fixed expression")

exclamatory sentence = udråbssætning ("exclamation sentence")

2 years ago
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