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  5. "I am here with a mom."

"I am here with a mom."

Translation:Я тут з мамою.

May 25, 2016



This sentence implies that I'm here with someone else's mom. It should be,

"I am here with Mom."


I think that the translation is correct. If it was 'I am here with Mom' or 'I am here with my Mom' (same in English, but if you're talking to someone who isn't in your family you'd say 'my mom'), I think it would be 'Я тут з мною мамою


I don't have a problem with the Ukrainian. But nobody would say in English, "I'm here with a mom." Duolingo is trying to directly translate Я тут з мамою. by adding the article "a". There is no direct translation into English, only approximate translations. It wouldn't be incorrect just to leave out the article, except that it becomes a proper noun, "Mom." Other than that, the Ukrainian implies that мама is моя. That's why in English it should be "my mom," explicit not implied.


Yeah this sentence can be translated two different ways but who knows, maybe they meant to say '.. a mom', who knows, maybe you're with a chaperone


Now we're talking! :-)

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