"Das Sofa ist interessant."

Translation:The sofa is interesting.

January 27, 2013



One way to help students improve their reading age is to give them non-sensical sentences. I just see it as duolingo helping us to build a vocab and learn the grammatical rules of a language rather than just teaching us sentences to use should we visit Germany (of course you may decide to go sofa shopping in which case this might be useful) :)

August 23, 2013


Another function of language lessons is to expose students to something of the culture and context of the country in which the language is spoken. That is a major part of why human translators are better than computer translations. Humans ask "Does this make sense?" and "Which of the words with the same dictionary definition would work best in this context?"

June 5, 2015


If the sofa is modern art or of a very interesting design, this sentence can be used.

April 28, 2013


I think I agree with you...but it is not very pedagogical at this point anyway.

September 25, 2013


I don't know about the English sentence, but the German sentence is absolutely fine. There's nothing weird about it. It could mean that the sofa looks interesting (has unusual features) or that you're considering to buy it. Just go to IKEA if you want to hear it in real life.

October 23, 2013


I've certainly called furniture "interesting" before.... it usually means as christian said "unusual features" maybe the particular shape or the cloth pattern.

July 31, 2014


This almost sounds like a passive-agresive way of insulting the sofa. "Oh that's….interesting….." hehe

December 16, 2014


I wrote "this sofa is interesting" but I lost a heart and it corrected me saying it is "that". Anyone care to explain why? thanks in advance

May 3, 2013


"This sofa is interesting." -> "Dieses Sofa ist interessant."

Demonstrativpronomen (demonstrative pronouns in English) have declension like adjectives.


August 9, 2013


I did the same since an earlier question said that I could say "this" when "das" is used.

June 10, 2013


Die Eule ist nicht ganz normal!

Of course "Das" can mean "this" just as well as "that"

When you want to state whether "Das" is near or far, you can say "das hier" (near) and "das dort" (far)

October 23, 2013


With me happen the same!! Why should we only use "that" and not both (this or that)?

May 8, 2013


WTF? the mouseover gives 'settee' as a possible then it tells you it's wrong!

April 11, 2013


I naturally used settee without looking at the gloss and got marked wrong. Apparently you have to answer in American.

September 23, 2013


A sofa can be comfortable, brown.... but, interesting??? What a sentence!

April 22, 2013


Heres how i thought about it

Girlfriend - where do you wanna do 'it' next

Me - das sofa ist interessant xD

September 12, 2014


To a puppy . . .

June 18, 2015


For those having trouble with "das", this is quite simple: It can be used as an article when placed before a neuter noun -> the Das Bett, das Zimmer, Das Buch It can also be a determiner, which is used to point out things ->this/that Das Bett, Das Zimmer The forms for determiners are the same for the definite articles, BUT THEY ARE STRESSED das Badezimmer (the bathroom) DAS badezimmer (This bathroom) Determiners can also be used as pronouns (they doesn't go with a noun), in this case, they can mean either "this one", when stressed, or an alternative to personal pronouns, and are not stressed. Gefällt dir das Sofa? Das(=es) finde ich schön - Nein, aber DAS (=dieses) gefällt mir sehr!

Anyway, whenever you find "das + noun" chances are it means "the". On the other hand, when "das" stands alone, chances are it means "this/that/these /those", in this case it isn't declined.

Das Buch : The book Das ist richtig : That's right Das sind meine Eltern : those are my parents

Remember that das is neuter, so what I've said above can also be applied to other genres and cases.

Ich habe DEN Tisch für neun Euro gekauft. Der gefällt mir nicht.

Siehst du den blonden Mann? Mit DEM werden wir Probleme haben.

Sorry for my English... I don't know how many mistakes I've made. Hope this helps!

October 18, 2014
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