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  5. "I see someone in the house."

"I see someone in the house."

Translation:Widzę kogoś w domu.

May 25, 2016



Could someone tell me why 'kogoś' rather than 'ktoś'?


Widzieć requires accusative which has two question tags: „kogo?” and „co?”. With them one constructs questions. If we add "-ś" to them we end with „someone” and „something” suitable for accusative case. Similarly:

Nominative: Kto? Co? -> Ktoś, Coś

Genitive: Kogo? Czego? -> Kogoś, Czegoś

Dative: Komu? Czemu? -> Komuś, Czemuś

Accusative: Kogo? Co? -> Kogoś, Coś

Locative: Kim? Czym? -> Kimś, Czymś

Instrumental: Kim? Czym? -> Kimś, Czymś


Thanks! Things make more sense now! :)


"W domu widzę kogoś" - if sentence order is flexible, surely this should also be accepted?


Well, it's grammatical, but a bit strange. It's like "In the house I see someone". It's hard to find a reason for such a word order.

Do not exaggerate with the flexible word order. Some things may be grammatical, but simply unusual or poetic. And some things are just wrong.

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