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  5. "I exercise two hours a day."

"I exercise two hours a day."

Übersetzung:Ich trainiere zwei Stunden am Tag.

January 24, 2014

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Ich übe täglich zwei Stunden


Ich übe oder trainiere zwei Stunden am Tag. Meines Erachtens ist beides richtig.


Warum nicht "ich trainiere jeden Tag zwei Stunden"? oder "zwei Stunden am Tag"?


Isn't trainiere more like "train"? I see difference between training and exercising


If you start from an English phrase with "exercise", than in German you have to say "trainieren" (or perhaps "turnen" or "üben").
In inverse direction: if you have the german word "trainieren", than you can choose between "to train", "to practise" or "to exercise".

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