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  5. "Jaka jest odległość?"

"Jaka jest odległość?"

Translation:What is the distance?

May 25, 2016



Why the obligatory "the". Why not 'what is distance?'.


What is distance? - Co to jest odległość?


Is there any difference in meaning between "Co to znaczy odległość" and "Co to jest odległość"? Could the expressions be considered tautological?

Also, how would you say "What is the distance between Warsaw and Kraków"? Thanks.


I'd say those two are the same, but I definitely don't understand why you'd call them tautological...

"[Jaka jest odległość/Jaki jest dystans] [pomiędzy/między] Warszawą [a/i] Krakowem?" or "... z Warszawy do Krakowa".


I purposely wrote what is most likely to be asked in English: How far is it? To hear the reaction


Why is this word stress-final?


Because the TTS is (very) imperfect. As it was written in the electricity conversation, the accent should as usually be at the penultimate syllable: leg. Also as it was written by vengir, it doesn't really matter that much. It sounded strange when I checked the example, that's true, but it's not Russian or Spanish when the stress can change the meaning.


Can i use this when talking about how much can a vehicle can go without recharging, e.g.

odległość na jednym ładowaniu jest sto kilometrów


No, in English that is called 'range', and in Polish 'zasięg'.

Zasięg na jednym ładowaniu wynosi sto kilometrów.

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