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English automatically 'for Spanish speakers' - how can I change this?

Hi all,

I set up my first Duolingo classroom for ESL students and the assignments appear to automatically only be 'English for Spanish speakers'. I can't see any way to change this, as as far as I can see in the classroom settings I can only change the language being learnt. Can I change the settings to English for Italian, German speakers etc. or is Spanish the only current option?

Many thanks,


May 25, 2016

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Hi kateling,

have a look to the Educators forum (looking for example for the keywords/expressions of your message classroom && "Spanish speakers") where you'll find the answer to your question. For example here, here or here.

You can also have a look to the schools.duolingo.com's support page, namely the sections "I teach English or ELL/ESL, what do I do?" or "Why is my class set to the wrong language, and how do I change my classroom language?".

Hope it'll help.

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