"He did not even look at her."

Translation:Nawet na nią nie spojrzał.

May 25, 2016



what about "on na nią nawet nie spojrzał"

May 25, 2016



May 25, 2016


What about: On na nią nawet nie patrzył.

November 6, 2016


Makes sense, added.

I mean... personally I'm not sure about the choice of "patrzył" - "patrzył" is rather "was looking", it implies some continuity, and "spojrzał"/"popatrzył" are more about a moment. But it was accepted so far with other word orders, so let's leave it.

November 7, 2016


"Nawet on na nią nie spojrzał"?

March 29, 2017


Someone asked about it in the PL-> ENG sentence. This would actually change the meaning, to "Even he did not look at her" (no one looked, not even him).

March 29, 2017


Would "Nawet na nią nie spojrzał" then be better understood as "Even AT HER he didn't look"?

September 16, 2017


I think this sentence is a great example of how word order matters and how hard it is to explain without a particular example ;)

Your interpretation could possibly work if you gave the same (voice) emphasis on "NA NIĄ". Without it, having it as a written sentence with no context, I'd say it's "he totally ignored her, he didn't even bother to look at her for just a second".

I'd translate your sentence as "[On/] nie spojrzał nawet na nią."

September 19, 2017


Duo rejected "On nawet nie patrzał na nię" – presumably my word order, too, changed the meaning... or is it worse than that?

February 3, 2019


"nię" is definitely a mistake, it should be "nią".

"patrzał" is a correct form, but relatively rare - many Polish people would think it's wrong, actually. "patrzył" is the common one.

The word order... well, the usual, we try not to put pronouns at the end of the sentence. It's acceptable, I guess.

The choice of "patrzył/patrzał" makes it more like "wasn't even looking".

If your answer had "nią", it would be accepted with a typo... I wonder if "patrzał" should actually be accepted itself.

February 6, 2019


Nawet na nią nie oglądał - is wrong?

February 17, 2019


The verb oglądać means to watch, to look at continuously, to view. Furthermore, it's not used with "na".

February 17, 2019
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