"We like her appearance."

Translation:Podoba nam się jej wygląd.

May 25, 2016

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Lubimy jej wygląd, and podoba nam sie jej wygląd. Is the same thing then right? Thanks!


Hm... It looks like 'lubimy' was marked as a second main translation by mistake. The excercise teaches 'podobać się' and frankly it even fits this sentence better.

Podobać się expresses a positive reaction to visual or emotional stimuli, and mostly when it's a first/early impression. It's also used with more abstract concepts. I don't recommend using 'lubić' here.


How important is the word order? My 'Nam podoba się jej wyglad' was rejected; is it, or any other permutation, acceptable?


'Nam' is an object pronoun, and while it's not wrong to start a sentence with it (as it's not unaccented), it puts emphasis on it. It's like saying "but WE like it".

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