So whats so useful about the language Dutch?

When I moved to an International School in Singapore, I met many different cultures and yes, languages. I was always bummed out at the time for me having this unknown small speaking language called DUTCH. Me being dutch and all, I always wanted to be fluent in some language like mandarin in China. (Which I studied and live in now:)!!!) For some reason I just thought it was useless. However some research revealed to me that Dutch isn't that useless at all! Here a 4 reasons why!

  1. Dutch is spoken not only in the Netherlands, but also in Suriname, Indonesia, Bonaire and Saint Eustatius and Saba (three municipalities in the caribbean), Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the surprisingly parts of Canada!

  2. Dutch is mutually intelligible to Afrikaans (spoken in south africa and zimbabwe), some phrases in Bahasa Indonesia, Flemish (a national language of belgium (dutch with an accent and some small understandable different words).

  3. It is a blend of three widely spoken languages with its own seasoning. English: I am Dutch German: Ich bin Niederländisch Dutch: Ik ben Nederlander

English: menu, wallet, umbrella French: menu, portefeuille, parapluie Dutch: menu, portefeuille/portemonnee, paraplu

English: dancing, eating, drinking Dutch: Dansen, eten, drinken

And finally, 4. Dutch people are everywhere. On holiday in rural china? A dutchie is probably next to your hotel room. They are an international community of expats and tourists.

In total 27 million people (17 million in the Netherlands and the remaining 10 million elsewhere) speak dutch. I'm happy to be a dutchie. Prettige dag verder! Have a good day!

2 years ago


Whenever I'm in The Netherlands, which is usually a stopover at Schiphol, I try to talk in Dutch to the flight attendants and security staff. They respond to me in English, and I'm not tolerating that complete and utter kak any more.

2 years ago
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Dat is vaak zo op toeristische plekken. In Keukenhof praatten de mensen ook Engels tegen mij hoewel ik Nederlands ben!

2 years ago

When I went on holiday to Turkey there were some Dutch people next door to my hotel room, so yes, they are everywhere. Either that or British people and Dutch people have similar holiday tastes.

2 years ago

I'm from Corfu so I run into a lot of holidaymakers, and I would say our biggest foreign populations are British, Dutch, French, Russian and Italian. The Russians come over there to do fur business, the Italians to import food, the French to get villas and the British and Dutch to get high.

2 years ago

Τυχερή που μένεις εκεί! Να σου πω έχεις ένα email η κάτι άλλο να σου στείλω; Θέλω να σου μιλήσω είναι σπάνιο να βρεις κάποιον που να μαθαίνει γλώσσες στις μέρες μας! χΔ

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το instagram μου είναι @nightboat2cairo

1 year ago

Δεν έχω instagram :( Έχω στο προφίλ μου το φβ μου άμα μπορείς στείλε μου αίτημα :)

1 year ago

den exw facebook, alla exw ena email

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Het is ook zeker de moeite waard om Nederlands te leren vanwege de omvangrijke literatuur. Er zijn leuke en goede kinderboeken voor beginners bijvoorbeeld. Ook is er een rijke stripcultuur, met name in België (kijk hier maar eens:

2 years ago

Suske en Wiske!!!!!

2 years ago

your wrong there they are only three languages where dutch is spoken by over 50% of the population on a daily basis that is netherlands belgium and suriname and suriname people speak their own dilect rather than dutch in informal settings all those other places is dubious on st maarten dutch is almost extinct everyone speaks english. bonaire ,curacao aruba children are taught dutch in school but hardly speak it outside and iin fact spanish has overtaken dutch as the third most spoken language after english ,and the creole language papamiento

2 months ago
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