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  5. "Pwy sy wedi ennill?"

"Pwy sy wedi ennill?"

Translation:Who has won?

May 25, 2016



Why not just "Pwy wedi ennill?"? What function does the "sy" have here?


The sentence needs a verb between pwy and wedi ennill. A literal translation might be 'who (is it who is) after winning?' - sy here is a special form of ydy which provides the 'is it who is' element.

  • Pwy sy'n ennill? - who (is it who) is winning?
  • Ble mae'r bobl sy'n byw yn y Rhyl - Where are the people who are living in Rhyl?


Apparently sy is introduced in Emphasise1, 12 chapters later than I'm currently up to


A brief explanation has now been added in the notes for this section, 'Describe 1'.


How would you translate "who was winning"? Would you use the imperfect for that?

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