"I am eating meat for lunch again."

Translation:Znowu jem na obiad mięso.

May 25, 2016

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Why do you say "znowu" here and not "znów"?


Just a choice, they are perfectly interchangeable. One may just sound better sometimes, but that's rather a personal feeling, and not 'a fact'.


"Jem mieso na obiad znowu" is too "English-like", isn't it? (Sorry for the spelling :/)


Yeah, sounds rather weird. Everything's understandable, but that's not very natural.


That's what I tried too, but we would probably sound like weirdos :)


To jest nie poprawne bo np I Spoon like ?


I sounded normal to me, I typically say this phrase in Polish, (bilingual in polish, can speak and read but not write,) with no 2nd thoughts or reprimands from my parents?

Needless to say, I got the answer wrong.


I am confused as to why "jest w moim pokoju ciemno" sounds weird but "jem na obiad mięso" doesn't. Can someone just give some sort of in depth explanation of word order in different sentence structures or point me to a website that can? I feel like these lessons don't actually ever help me understand and instead just expect me to guess correctly on any given sentence what order the words should be in.


It's really hard to discuss word order generally, without specific examples. What I can surely say is that the basic word order is Subject-Verb-Object and that generally putting something at the end of the sentence gives additional emphasis.

Yeah, "Jest w moim pokoju ciemno" sounds strange. I think I'd say that "w moim pokoju" kinda works like a subject (kinda. I don't think it's really a subject from the point of view of syntax). But let's treat it like one. And then it really doesn't sound well if you put the verb before the subject.

"Jem na obiad mięso" has an 'invisible' subject before it: (Ja) jem na obiad mięso.


Better: W moim pokoju jest ciemno. Jem mięso na obiad


"Znowu na obiad jem mięso" - i think it is the most natural.


That was rejected for me


That's what I put and it wasn't accepted...


'Jem mięso znowu na obiad' not correct?


Too strange of a word order. It's like the part that you stress for some reason was the lunch.


Is "Znów na obiad jem mięso" too weird?


It's not very high on the weirdness scale, but I don't know if it feels natural enough to accept...


Is "jem mięsa znów na obiad " an awkward construction?


Yes. Firstly, it seems to make more sense to have "eating meat again" rather than "for lunch again", but apart from this, plural "mięsa" sounds rather strange. Even if you eat more than one type for one meal, you'd rather use "mięso" anyway, as a mass noun.


How to distinguish when to use dla/na as 'for'


Unless I'm forgetting something, "dla" means "for" when it's 'for someone'. Or for some animal. Otherwise, it's "na". (of course there may be contexts when it's some other preposition, prepositions differ a lot between languages, it's hard to think of every possibility).


Regarding word order, i try to remember to put the detail at the end. Like it is the meat in this case. It is weird to an English ear to say 'again, i'm eating, for lunch, meat' but it's the order of detail conveyed with the most important last.


Why not "jeszcze jem na obiad mięso" ?


That would mean I also/still eat meat for lunch. Not the same thing.


Playing with word order some more "Na obiad znowu jem mięso" (putting a little more emphasis on obiad). Should this be accepted? (It's currently not)


I don't know. Technically there's nothing wrong with it, but it sounds off to my ear.


Is it incorrect to say "jeszcze raz" versus "znowu"?


Well, "jeszcze raz" means more of "one more time", so it's not exactly the same thing, I think. It surely is not incorrect itself, though.


I'm still unclear when to say mięso and when to say mięsa.


I find it really helpful to go back and review the notes from earlier lessons regarding how to decline the nouns. mięso is neuter singular nominative form, so check that chart and apply. I think it is really regular. You just need to know what case it needs to be in based on the verb, preposition or how it it is being used. There are a lot of cases, but it is very systematic.


Jako Polka stwierdzam, że polska składnia nie jest rygorystyczna, więc mogę to zdanie przetłumaczyć: 1. Znów jem mięso na obiad. 2. Znowu jem mięso na obiad. 3. Na obiad znów / znowu jem mięso. 4. Na obiad jem znów / znowu mięso. Uznanie którejś z tych wersji za błąd jest błędne.


Myślę jednak, że zdania 3. i 4. odpowiadają czemuś w stylu "For lunch I eat meat again".

  1. i 2. są akceptowane.


Hello, my answer was this and it was wrong. "Jem mięso na obiad ponownie."

As tutors above have already explained, I guess it is because of word order problem. So, should the adverb be located before the sentence to emphasise the verb?


I think the most natural placement is before the verb, exactly because what is meant is 'eating again'.

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