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"Dziadek siedzi bliżej mnie niż babcia."

Translation:Grandpa is sitting closer to me than grandma.

May 25, 2016



Just out of curiosity: Can this mean both that grandpa is sitting closer to me than he is sitting to grandma, or that grandpa is sitting closer to me than grandma is?


only grandpa is sitting closer than grandma is.

"Dziadek siedzi bliżej mnie niż babci "

would be for "Can this mean both that grandpa is sitting closer to me than he is sitting to grandma, "


Thanks. In English the sentence is ambiguous :)


Yes, but it's only ambiguous because of the whole "than she" vs "than her" debacle. If we maintained proper uses of subjective pronouns like basically every other language does, this kind of sentence would be crystal clear.


"Grandfather is sitting nearer to me than grandmother" wasn't accepted


Added now.


"Grandfather sits closer to me than to grandmother." isn't accepted. Apparently, "my" is needed before "grandmother", although "Grandfather" doesn't need a "my".


It's not. It's just that in Polish the sentence is not ambiguous (thank you, cases!) - it compares the line "grandpa-me" to the line "grandma-me", the line "grandpa-grandma" is irrelevant.


What you say makes perfect sense, of course. However, Duo gave me the correction which was "Grandfather sits closer to me than to my grandmother." with the word "my" in big scary emphasised font!


I'm afraid such an answer is not among the accepted ones, testing it gives a result in red - rejected... Also, for both "grandpa" and "grandma" 'my' is only accepted, not needed...


Grandpa is sitting closer to me than to grandma?


Your sentence compares different distances.

And yeah, I was bored xD


I clicked this discussion and while it was opening I thought that maybe it would be good to draw some diagram. The discussion opened... and here you are XD

Anyway, "Grandpa is sitting closer to me than to grandma" translates to "... niż babci".

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