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Arrg... darn backspace button!

I was getting close to the end of a non-timed practice in a difficult subject, and so far had managed not to lose a single heart so far. When I was viewing a discussion and attempting to write a response to somebody, something funny happened to the mouse and it clicked outside of the textbox... just as I was about to backspace something I had written. Well, what do you know, my browser uses the backspace button as an equivalent to clicking the back button... and suddenly I lost 15 correctly answered questions.

A pop-up confirm dialog would be greatly appreciated.

January 24, 2014



Well, at least it kept you from being even more skill points ahead of me this week! :P


My big problem is I really should stop and learn the grammar. Boy I have a stack of links. Now I'm writing things down on cards and carrying them around in my handbag. Every little bit helps. You re doing a pretty super job and with 3 languages! Take care good luck on your efforts. And stay away from that "backspace" :-)


The team is actually looking into it. See the reply from bchan in this thread: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1546684 :)


I often use the backspace to restart a lesson or practice when I only have one heart left.


You should put this on the joke thread. I know what you mean.


Is it considered cheating?


Been there done that. Also when I go for an apostrophe. No more contractions for me.


This has happened to me 3 times, it's so frustrating.


Well afte doing it twice in one hour I've put a tiny piece of tape on it so I'll feel. Hope it works. Oh, just don't forget that putting the tape on will push the backspace down. :-)


This has been complained about ssoooooo many times by people. I just did it again today. And I've been using Duolingo for months now. I mean, I should know better. I really don't understand why this hasn't been fixed yet.


So, far the tape has kept me from doing it again. Today.

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