"Warszawa to europejskie miasto."

Translation:Warsaw is a European city.

May 25, 2016

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Ok I'll also improve my english this time: should'nt it be "AN European city" ?


A/an is dependent on the pronunciation, not how the word is written - and in its pronunciation, the word "European" begins with a consonant.


I pronounce vowel at the beginnning of “European”…


But it corrects to THE european city


'the' is only accepted, 'a' is in the default sentence...


No! "The" is not correct in english, unless you want to imply that the city is unique in being european.

Another case where it is natural to use "the" is to add to the sentence with a specification. For example you can say "Warsaw is the european city with the tallest trees." Without this specification however, you should use "a/an" not "the".


Not sure why this comment is deleted - I actually agree, 'the' doesn't really make enough sense to accept it. Deleted now.


@Jellei That seems a bit hasty to delete the version with "the". There are other contexts where "the" is possible that madgregor hasn't considered. For instance you could be presented with a list of cities from around the world with only one in Europe and have to pick which one it is. The version with "the" should definitely be accepted like before.


European is written with E but it makes a J/Y sound. Similar to one, which starts with O but sounds like WU


Eventhough its starte with E, but the pronounciation started with 'j' , so its treated as a consonant, which means the answer is 'a European'. The opposite case is the word 'hour', its started with consonant 'h' but its pronounced as 'our' (without 'h') so its treated as vocal thats why it will be 'an hour'. ;)


Reading this sentence made me remember that Warsaw was an European capital of culture in 2016.


Dlaczego nikt nie poprawia błędów zglaszanych przez uczestników w aplikacji? Mija kilka miesięcy i błędy są dalej te same. Wstyd i utrata zaufania. Oj, czuję że nie przedłużę...


A zmuszanie nas do poprawiania nieistniejących błędów pod groźbą rezygnacji z abonamentu - to według Ciebie nie wstyd?


On other practice, I wrote "miasto europejskie" and it was accepted. Here I see "europejskie miasto." Does the order not matter in Polish? Thank you.


I don't love "miasto europejskie", but I guess if we consider "European city" to be some kind of category rather than a simple description, I guess it can work.


Oh now I "sense" the difference. Thank you

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