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  5. "молодая девушка"

"молодая девушка"

Translation:a young woman

May 25, 2016



I think девушка is not really a woman but a girl, isn't it?


девушка - it is a young woman, not a girl, but still young


I’d say a девушка is a girl→woman roughly between 13-14 and 30-something years of age. :)


yes, hopefully even older :)


I think here we're going with "девушка" meaning female/girl/lady. If you wanted to say girl as in little girl or female child, the term "девочка" is more appropriate.


I think here we're going with "девушка" meaning female/girl/lady. If you want to say girl as in little girl or female child "девочка" is a more appropriate translation.


Russian natives: is this redundant? Surely девушка alone carries this meaning.


It might seem a bit tautologic, but native speakers do use this phrase. Mostly to emphasize that she was young. A woman in her early thirties would often still be called "девушка" but "молодая девушка" is likely to be in her late teens or early twenties.


That’s very insightful thanks


So, maybe it's more like "young lady" than "young woman"? ... to avoid the redundancy of "young young woman"


Not Russian, but my Russian professor told us before we studied abroad that if a woman isn't visibly elderly then calling her женщина rather than девушка would basically be calling her old and potentially mildly offensive. Basically every woman is called девушка.


"A young woman". Why is this wrong.


It marked "a young woman" correct for me. (Sept 2020)


So is this like military intelligence an oxymoron?


No, it's just like 'young adult' or 'old woman'. 'Adult' or 'woman' can mean a vast age range, 'young' or 'old' narrows that down.


Thanks. Guess I really meant a tautology, but your answer works for both questions.


Admittedly, I suffer from severe hearing loss and have hearing aids - which don't compensate 100% - but am I the only one who has trouble with the pronunciation of unstressed vowels? All I could hear the speaker saying was "dyevoshka" - not "dyevochka" or "dyevooshka." I first learned Russian 45 years ago and I don't remember any of my (5 different) teachers speaking this poorly.


This text-to-speech software definitely has its limits! Apparently though, it's what allows for the speech to be slowed down in that "turtle" option in listening exercises?? (This is what I've read on the Irish forum. The sentences in Irish were recorded by a person who's a native speaker because there's no text-to-speech software for Irish. But this is why there's no "turtle"option.) If you want to hear a particular word pronounced by real people, I recommend trying the Forvo website for samples.


I thought that "девушка" meant "a girlfriend". Is there an actual difference with "a girl" in general?


I believe девушка can sometimes mean 'girlfriend' colloquially, but in other contexts means 'girl', similar to how парень can be 'guy' or 'boyfriend'.


What is the difference between "молодая" and "маленькая"?


They are completely different. "Молодая" is "young" but this word is rarely applied to children. Usually it means a young adult. "Маленькая" is "small" or "little", it can also mean "young" in the same sense as "little" can mean "young" in English.


Thank you for the clarification.


Why is "young girlfriend" wrong?

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