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  5. "Je mange un poisson orange."

"Je mange un poisson orange."

Translation:I am eating an orange fish.

January 27, 2013


[deactivated user]

    poisson orange sounds poisonous


    No, it sounds Poisson-ous :D


    fish = poisson

    poison = poison

    Lots of potential fun right there.


    the only difference between those is how you pronounce them. My teacher put a lot of emphasis on this that way we didn't order poison instead of fish if we went to France.


    One of my French teachers wrote a skit for us about a restaurant which served poison instead of fish to a patron because they couldn't understand if he had said "poisson" or "poison." We even filmed it. I won't soon forget that difference. :)


    Good for your teacher. We wouldn't want to see you turn up dead because of silly language problems! :) Are there really that bad of French chefs/waiters? These French restaurants should order more insurance premiums! :) I love these discussions. Languages are wild!


    Poison is more like pwoizon in French and fish is definitely very smooth 'ss' sound like pwasson


    typing things wrong will cost you dearly. "i want fish" versus "i want poison" kinda like that one story where two guys are in some place and one says "i'll have H20" and the other guy says "i'll have H20, too" and one guy died.


    Hydrogen peroxide!

    I had to Google that. My chemistry master must be rolling in his grave.

    Good one, PIC. :)


    Sounds like they eat Goldfish to me.

    Which they do, well "friture de carpe" which is the same kind of carp fish and about the same size - tiny fillets, many on a small plate.


    why are you eating Nemo??


    Si tu mange un poisson orange, tu iras a l'hopital. :P


    mais pas un poisson noir!


    Maybe this is called "butterfish" and you should NOT eat it if you're not VERY sure about what specific fish this is.


    Oui, c'est correctement appelle 'escolar', il vous rendre malade.


    I think I saw that on an episode of the Anthony Bourdain show. Some kind of poisonous Japanese fish or something.

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    i'm pretty sure that previously 'poisson orange' was described as goldfish


    Goldfish would be "poisson rouge"


    Would be or is? Because I suspect there is a closer match for "gold" than "red".


    Is. Even though the literal translation of "gold fish" might be "poisson or" or "poisson d'or", in french it is a "red fish" -- "poisson rouge".


    That is interesting, thank you.


    Oh ok, so "goldfish" is poisson rouge? Good to know. So far we've had a "green duck" and "orange fish" Maybe in an aquarium but not on a lake that I've seen!


    Yum, say all the Kiwis.


    Yup, don't eat the orange roughy, man! It's endangered, and furthermore it lives for 70 years or so, getting all full of mercury and miscellaneous accumulating toxins. I guess this poisson IS poison. Heh. Sometimes it's labelled 'deep sea perch'.


    I've read that the estimated lifespan is more like 125-155 years (based on radiometry and growth ring counts). Relative to other edible fish, not only is the mercury content of orange roughy rather high (generally, 3.5 to 10 times higher), but they're also a relatively poor source of omega 3 fatty acids; so, with orange roughy, you're getting more of the bad stuff and less of the good stuff. As for the nomenclature, yes, aka "deep sea perch," "orange roughy" was a name coined in the 1970s, deliberately intended to increase the commercial viability of the fish, which was previously more commonly called "slimehead" (from the pores - glands, ducts, whatever - that coat the fish's head with mucus). "A rose by any other name, right?" Not when it comes to marketing, apparently.


    okay, i'll save the link in an email, and watch it when i get home from school. if i like it, i'll convert it to mp4 format and save it to my USB so i can watch it at school.


    Sorry. Orange Roughy is an Atlantic deep water fish that became popular some years ago. It was particularly so in New Zealand. The populations have shrunk from overfishing.


    Hoplostethus atlanticus; I came to this discussion board to see if anyone mentioned it.


    I had another stupid moment when I forgot that in French you swap the noun and adjective. I spent literately 5 minutes trying to figure out what a ''fish orange'' was. Is it a fish that tastes like an orange, or an orange that tastes like a fish?


    A "fish orange" would be an orange that tastes like a fish, because in English the adjective comes before the noun, making "fish" an adjective and "orange" a noun. Or it could be an orange that only fish can eat. Or an orange made out of fish. Or an orange that lures fish to it by imitating an orange for fish to eat but is in fact a fish-"eating" orange, like a venous fly trap.


    Ceci est le saumon ! This must be SALMON!


    dave: "you know that fish we've been experimenting on?"
    bob: yeahhh...... dave:"wellll.... it kind of turned orange." bob: "okay.........." dave:"well, what should we do with it?" bob: "ummmmm........eat it?" dave: "perfect."


    Why would someone eat a goldfish? Inappropriate for vegetarians?!


    ...because they are hungry?

    Many people eat carp in Europe and Asia. Goldfish are just small carp. Personally I have eaten carp and found that there are too many little bones for my liking :L

    Anyway, I looked up "goldfish" and the French name seems to be "poisson rouge". So maybe we are all blowing bubbles in this thread.


    'Intoxication alimentaire' (f) is 'food poisoning' fyi!


    Don't eat magikarp


    Why on earth did I put " I am eating a purple Orange" surely not !


    It should really be canard orange, which is much more delicious


    est-ce 'canard á l'orange'? I wouldn't mind some myself.


    What does canard à l'orange literally translate to ?


    Literally? I guess duck in the orange. In actuality it is duck in orange sauce. I've also heard it referred to as duck à l'orange


    I don't really get it. I put "a" instead of "an" but it should have just said it was a typo or something, right?


    No. DL tries to maintain high standards of language and because there are people learning French while also learning English, allowing an error like that would lead to careless mastery of the language. DL had no way of knowing if it was really an accident or you really don't know you are supposed to use "an". It would be just as wrong for someone to make the careless mistake of writing un in haste when the person meant une, or poison when s/he meant poisson. DL being this strict forces us to be meticulous, which I think is a good habit to have.


    I got busted for using "a" instead of "an". I know better but DL did not use to penalize for it.


    Is, "Je mange du poisson," equal to "I am eating fish" or "I eat fish"?


    In English, there is a difference between the sentences, "I am eating fish", which means I am eating it right now, and "I eat fish", which refers to my eating fish in general at any time. Is there such a difference in French?


    No. There are ways to express the difference if you must, but the French language does not make the distinction routinely, as the English language does.


    Why do you put the adjective after the noun and not before?


    That sounds like Nemo


    Who in the world eats an orange fish?


    Poisonous oranges for all! Buy one, get death free! :P


    orange fish, huh. and yet we don't have to worry about chemical pollution.


    I must be quite desperate if I end up eating a goldfish.


    Is he eating salmon? That's good fish whether you toast it or make sushi or sashimi


    Why is "I ate an orange fish" wrong?


    "I ate an orange fish" is past tense, not present tense


    You eat Nemo?? How dare you


    When I was asked to pick answers, "I am eating an orange fish," wasn't an option. I had to choose, "I eat an orange fish." Why would, "I eat orange fish," not be an acceptable answer in this case? 'I eat an orange fish' does not sound right to me. In English we would say, 'I am eating an orange fish,' 'I eat orange fish,' or 'I eat some orange fish.'

    1. "I eat orange fish" is an incorrect translation, because the original French clearly indicates "an" orange fish: if the original French uses an indefinite article, then the English translation should use an indefinite article. ("I eat orange fish" is a perfectly fine sentence in English, but it does not mean quite the same thing that "I eat an orange fish" means.)

    2. Why does "I eat an orange fish" not sound right to you? "I play a silver saxophone," "I kick a red ball," "I drive a blue car." Those sentences are all fine in English, and "I eat an orange fish" is an acceptable translation of "Je mange un poisson orange" (as is "I am eating an orange fish").

    3. Yes, in English, "I am eating an orange fish," "I eat orange fish," or "I eat some orange fish," are all perfectly fine sentences, but only the first of those sentences correctly translates "je mange un poisson orange" (and "I eat an orange fish" is another possibility):"

    Je mange un poisson orange. = I eat an orange fish.
    Je mange un poisson orange. = I am eating an orange fish.


    Orange fish must be a goldfish. :/


    Goldfish aren't for you to eat Duo!!


    That is some NASTY fish



    OMG, bright colored fish is not good to eat


    Someone ate Nemo!


    I translated this correctly and the app said I was incorrect. Then it showed me the exact same translation.


    orange fish ? are there any fish that eatable lol


    This should be ate ..... or am eating....


    This sentence is unconfortable to write as a vegan


    est-ce qu' il est saumon?


    Orange fish? Is there such a thing?


    I wish they would stop using animals as food in these exercises.Not everyone believes in exploiting,enslaving,abusing,killing and eating animals.


    You did not say "translaTE" YOU SAID TYPE WHAT YOU HEAR


    Did you type the voices in your head?

    Did you hear it in all caps?


    I tot that the orange was poisond .!!!!


    These questions are getting weirder and weirder


    "I am eating an orange fish" works just as well as "I eat an orange fish." Why is it not accepted as a correct answer?


    Oh no! Not Goldy she was my favorite.


    Am I the only one who typed the orange croissant? xD


    So, either it's a cat speaking and it's eating the family goldfish, or that fish is poisonous....


    "Les poissons...les poissons how I love les poissons...."


    Isn't poisson orange a goldfish ?


    This one cracked me up


    Eating an orange fish sounds ewwww


    Qhy are most comments deleted? Censorship isn't good.


    I got tired of goldy swimming in circles...

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