"Quanti figli ha?"

Translation:How many children does he have?

January 27, 2013

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"How many sons has he?" should be an acceptable translation.


Quanti figli ha? Has 3rd person singular 'ha' but the answer allow 'she has' and oddly 'you have'. Surely the latter should be Quanti figli hai? And the answerr "How many children does he have?" was rejected. This is confusing ....


The formal you in Italian uses "Lei" or "voi", so that's the reason for "you have"; however you're right in that "How many children does he have?" should be allowed.


It was allowed 01/2022


in English "got" is superfluous and actually sounds rather ugly


In English it is considered colloquial to use the word 'got' in this situation, so "How many children have you?" should be accepted


do you mean "how many children have you got?" that would be fine for colloquial british english, but "how many children have you?" is not natural english anywhere in the world.


Sorry Jeff but you are incorrect re usage of the phrase. "How many children have you." It is in fact quite common to hear something like "So, how many children have you?" "How many children have you?" How many kids have you? "How many cats have you?" "How many days off have you?" and so on and on... Very everyday questions and a very natural usage of our english language, (though not grammatically Cambridge British.) It's still used A LOT and you'd fit right in if you naturally use it... though l DO sometimes use "do you have?" I dont' think about it l just know when l want to be/ sound "more correct." But These phrases are used by various nationalities of speakers of english and nobody would 'bat an eye' it's common usage and if you know better and correct them, l think they'd be shocked/ surprised/ or laugh at you for thinking such a thing. I t's grammatically incorrect but the majority don't know, and couldn't care less. Just be sure and learn to be grammatically correct especially if taking Cambridge exams. After that just have fun and become almost or as fluent or even better than us mere mother tongue everyday natural english speaking mortals. Funny thing is


Well its me, Sandy again YES !


"how many children have you?" is perfectly normal English in Britain.


Yes it is very natural to say "How many children have you" or "How many children do you have". "Got" not incorrect but does not need to be used.


Yes correct. Got sounds heavy and not very good grammar.


exactly. My translation was the same as yours and got rejected. "how many children have you" is a phrase I have always heard. It is a simple alternative to "How many children do you have"


Figli vs bambini?


I Figli = The Children/ The Sons

I Bambini = The babies/ The baby boys

Bambini are probably only ages 0-2 (Or whatever you decide the difference between a baby and child is).


As already stated by dark peak, "In English it is considered colloquial to use the word 'got' in this situation, so "How many children have you?" should be accepted. " It is proper English usage.


How many children has she was marked wrong?


How can I tell if its, she or he


You can't. Translating using either he or she would be correct


i am sorry but i am having problems with the figli it seem to have a lot of meanings can someone help me please


'How many children has he' is acceptable English I would have thought.


La Mia risposta, "how many children has he" was wrong. Why is that?


why can't it be "How many children has she"?


Does she have was wrong


He has (not he hsve) !!!!!!


How to know whether 'sons' or' children' is meant by 'figli'?


Has he is also correct

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