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  5. "Die Hotels sind schön."

"Die Hotels sind schön."

Translation:The hotels are beautiful.

May 25, 2016



Why hotels? Is it prural similar to English? This the first time i have seen -s in a German word.Please solve my doubt


Doubt solved. I beleive since hotels is borrowed they didn't change it to Hotele or Hotelen.. As allot of German words are for plural. Not many words are like this only a few eg. Autos, Restaurants, Hotels..


The common pural endings in German are : en, er, e, changing the pronunciation of the voul. But some times they just add an "s"


Managed to trick the error on this one by putting "Die Hotel sind shön" which was wrong but it said "You have an extra space" - it linked thought the correct s from sind was supposed to be on the end Hotel but had an accidental space.


It is a loan word ?


Yes; both English and German got the word from French.


Based on the audio, it sounds like the ending of "hotels" and the beginning of "sind" blend together, so it sounds like "hotelsind" (which I realize isn't actually a word). Is this how it works in German? In English most words are kept distinct, even when ending/beginning with similar sounds.


That depends on who is talking. I know a few people who run almost whole sentences together...


so i got as a question :" Die _ sind schön" and then the word bank... from the word above, how do i know that the hotels are plural...

Thank you !


"Hotel" is a neutral word, which means it generally uses "das." However, when words are plural ("Hotels"), "die" is always used, regardless of the ordinary gender of the word. Because "die" is used, "Hotel(s)" must be plural.

Also, it is followed by "sind," which means "are." You would not say that the hotel ARE beautiful, you would say that the HOTELS are beautiful. If it were singular, you would use "ist," which means "is," instead of "sind."


Why is nice and beautiful acceptable for schön but not "pretty"?


Ignore me. I missed the plural


I got this one wrong because I put hotel as my answer. Is it more than one hotel?


'The hotel are beautiful' ? I do not think so! 'The hotels are beautiful' , is the correct answer surely?


This helps me with german alot and im just learing!Thank you!


This is the third or fourth when I;m given the English and asked to reply in English. What's going on ????


And why in the gods' names "The hotels are pretty" is incorrect?


my question was : "Die Hotel sind schon." singular "hotel" used as a plural! ???


My question was "Die Hotel sind schon." Singular hotel used as a plural???


Didnt recognise i answered in english


My correct answer was called incorrect

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