"Często tu pływasz?"

Translation:Do you swim here often?

May 25, 2016

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Typical pick-up line at a beaver night club.


Or a nude beach.


The first time I heard this, I didn't hear it as a question. Could it also be valid to say 'czy często tu pływasz'?


does this sentence also mean "do you sail here often?" and if so, how do you know which one someone means??


I think the context will make it perfectly obvious ;) If you're on a boat, then it's probably "sail". Yes, it's accepted.


In Russian, ,Часто тут плаваешь? Ciasto tut plawajesz?

(I know, it sounds like "Cake, you swim here?" for Poles.)


Doesn't it sound more like "Czasto"?


Technically, it sounds more like "ciasta." A Russian Ч sounds more like Ć than "cz," not quite as palatalized but not retroflex either. It's pretty much the same as English "ch."

Ukrainian and Belarusian Ч are retroflex exactly like Polish "cz" when not palatalized by a soft vowel or ь. Probably because Ruthenians were under Poland for 400 years.


Begging pardon, the WHO were under Poland for 400 years and what's that gotta do with Ukrainian and Belarusian languages?


The Ruthenian people were the old Rus' people that came under Poland-Lithuania while Moscow stayed under Tatar-Mongol rule. Before there were separate Ukrainian and Belarusian languages, it was the Ruthenian language. The Moscovian Rus' language evolved into today's Russian. To this day, Ukrainian and Belarusian languages are very similar and their lexicon is very Polish as opposed to Russian.


Kokejny raz ,nie mogę słuchać więc zalicza jaki błąd. Moze zróbcie z tym coś.


OK, jeśli to wciąż występuje, to jest to spory problem... :| Jaka platforma (Android/iOS/przeglądarka)?

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