"Musiałaś to kupić?"

Translation:Did you have to buy it?

May 25, 2016

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The translation 'have you had to buy this' does not seem correct. 'You had to buy this?' Or 'did you have to buy this?' Seem more appropriate


I agree. I don't see why using "this" is incorrect in this sentence


You cannot abbreviate you had to you'd. You'd is an abbreviation of you would.


When do you know when to use "ś" or "sz" at the end?


I guess that Present and Future verbs may end in -sz, and Past Tense in -ś.


On the previous page in red, where it says my answer is incorrect, it says the correct translation is "We'd to buy it". I agree with "Did you have to buy it?" as it says above, but as a native speaker I've never heard We'd to buy it!


That's a Duolingo-wide bug caused by the fact that the algorithm doesn't understand context.

OK, so if you write "We had done it", you can abbreviate it to "We'd done it", right? So the algorithm automatically accepts "We'd done it" even if this abbreviated form wasn't explicitly put among the accepted answers.

So here, the accepted answer is "We had to buy it"... and the algorithm not only accepts "We'd to buy it", but may even suggest it :/ And all this is because it doesn't understand that this is not a situation in which "we had" may be abbreviated.

I hope they will finally fix this...


"Have you'd to buy it" does not make sense in English.


If we accept "Have you had to buy it" (and we always put such 'full' answers into Incubator, no abbreviations), the algorithm automatically accepts "you'd", unfortunately. Nothing we can do about it.


Could 'Must you buy this?' be ok?


No, because the Polish sentence is in the Past Tense.


You had to buy it, is not accepted

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