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Can't advance to next lesson

I found this fantastic site about 30 minutes ago and I absolutely love it death - been learning Portuguese as my friend is Brazilian and I can really feel myself learning, so thank you for that!

However, for some reason once I complete a lesson with lives intact the box seems to freeze, and after a while closes and sends me back to the menu. Then when I go back into the lessons section I get the same lesson again. Of course, the benefits mean I know genders now like the back of my hand but I really would like to advance!

Is anyone else having this issue? Am I doing something wrong? I've tried it in two different browsers but I still get the same results.

January 25, 2014



Tried clearing my cache.. didn't work... quit Chrome, restarted, cleared my cache, change my proxy settings... didn't work... Duolingo NEEDS to fix this problem.


I have the same problem. It won't let me go on to the next lesson, it just puts me back to the menu.


I am having the same problem with Italian -- not every time, but often enough to be very annoying. I get to the end of a lesson, press 'continue' and nothing happens.


Yeah, the same thing is happening with my computer. Ever time I try to start a lesson, it just sends me back to the learn page. I've tried changing browsers and I've reloaded the page and and I've restarted the whole browser all together, NOTHING'S WORKING!!! This is a real issue.


It’s because the program is bs. If you don’t pay it just keeps sending you back to the beginning. I don’t mind but tell people that instead of creating this frustrating loop of learning the same stuff over and over again. It’s completely turned me off of Duolingo


I'm having issues with the "progress exam". keep getting zero wrong, and no advancing to the next color ribbon. thought maybe it was a "time completion challenge" so did the test "faster"..and still nothing. I still keep getting stuck at 2.7 for some reason. its like the app isn't updating progress for me anymore. anyone see this happening on their end also?


wait so your telling me they still haven't fixed it! this was posted six years ago and it is happening to me to!


Hey there! What kind of internet connection are you using? Are you behind a proxy or using satellite internet?


I have just had a similar problem on the reverse french>english tree. Having completed a lesson, the 'continue' button is not highlighted, so I can't continue and the whole lesson is lost. This happened once to me (and to many others) on the first day over on this side, but has not happened since, so I don't think it's my machine (ipad, safari).


I'm sure it's not your machine, it's the program. Duolingo should fix it if they want to build their user base. Otherwise, there are other alternatives.


Same for me.Tried 4-5 times,but can,t advance at all.I don't gain xp after a lesson.


I have had the same problem, but it only happens randomly. What is most frustrating is that the freezing only happens to me after I have finished the twentieth and final question in a lesson! I wrote to Support and received the following reply. It did not help me, but it might help you. If it does, please post a "Success!" follow-up with details to this thread.


Hi JonGudmundson,

Happy to help. There are a few reasons why this might be happening. It’s possible that you have an outdated version of Flash installed, you installed browser extensions that block Flash (i.e. Flashblock), or that Flash crashed.

Here’s what I suggest you do: 1. Try reloading the page in your browser. 2. Try quitting and restarting your browser. 3. If 1 and 2 don’t do the trick, update Flash Here’s a helpful link to get you on your way: http://www.adobe.com/go/EN_US-H-GET-FLASH 4. Try removing/disabling browser extensions Some tips for how to do that in specific browsers: Chrome - http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=113907 IE - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/internet-explorer-add-ons-frequently-asked-questions Firefox - http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/disable-or-remove-add-ons#w_how-to-disable-extensions-themes-and-plugins Let me know if this helps you!

Team Duolingo

Marssy Duolingo Team duolingo.com


Hm. Not sure how that works with Ipad, which doesn't support Flash at all, but usually works fine with the web version. Reloading the page won't help, as you'd still lose all the completed lesson, and I can already navigate away from the page fine, so it's not exactly what I'd call hanging anyway, it's just that final screen that doesn't work.


I can't advance to the next section. Nothing froze, but it won't let me go on. Can you only learn a certain amount each day?


I think I've sort of found the answer to my issue - after krisinemc's post I checked my proxy settings in Chrome and found that in Network > Change Proxy Settings > LAN settings the "Use proxy server for your LAN" was checked. I unchecked, and it started working. However, about 20 seconds-3 minutes after I uncheck it, it automatically checks itself again. I've Googled the bejeebus out of this but I cannot stop it doing that at all. It seems to do this across all my browsers and I don't know why. It pretty much makes Duolingo unusable and I've never come across this problem before in anything else. Very strange!


I am stuck on the very first lesson. Have done it about 15 times and it wont budge.


It happened to me again today, as it always does, on the very last slide. I had to get out of it, go to the home page, lost all my work and repeat the whole thing. I guess you get what you pay for. . .


Happened to me again just now. I guess we shouldn't complain, as it's a free site, but it is odd that several people are having this same problem, and that it always happens on the very last slide, and the good people at Duolingo are stumped as to how to fix it. Seems that that the fact that the freeze-and-denial-of-points-and-advancement always happens at the very end of a lesson would help them to pin down the issue. Seems that, given that the problem occurs to people on different kinds of computers and operating systems and browsers, Duo would check to see what the problem might be on THEIR end, rather than assuming it is due to users' needing to empty their caches, remove browser extensions, update flash, etc.


I keep getting a message saying Microsoft has to close the program. I can not advance to my next German lesson


My husband and I are on different computers and we are both having the same issue - that is, the lesson won't progress after the last question and you have to quit out of it and lose all your work :( I love DuoLingo but this issue is increasing in regularity and it would be great if they could look into it.


yes! it happens often that I get to the end of a lesson and then everything freezes up rather than telling me Congrats on having made it through and giving me my pat on the back. So frustrating...


Yes, I am, I'm stuck on a level in Spanish and don't seem to be able to go to the next lessons. I've completed everything up to that point.


am having the samething i have finished my 5th lesson and i can't advence, please if there is a solution to this probleme help us we learners , am talking to the owner or owners of DUOLING , and the problem is not only on webpage its on the application too.


ist because you did not finish the back lesson thats why you can not go foward


How to get inDuolingo for next lesson - Italian lesson


I have the same problem on my desktop with google chrome. It keeps making me redo lessons I just did the day before and they were ones that were not in order. It also won't let me finish a test out session and when I press continue but it goes backwards and I lose all the progress on my lesson and have to start from scratch. It acts as if I pressed backspace but I know i didn't and it happened several times. My mom also does duolingo on her phone on a moto g android and it made her do the same lesson several times without continuing. It's some kind of glitch/bug in the duolingo software


Duolingo doesn't advance to the next lesson when I hit continue when using my iPad. This wasn't a problem until this week. Any suggestions as to why this is happening now?


I am also having that problem. I don't know what to do.

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