500 Day Streak! Oh, the Places You Can Go!

Today I reached a 500 day streak on Duolingo! I used a couple of streak freezes along the way (never planned) but I was able to get a lot done in this time.

  • Finished my Spanish tree. I had already been studying Spanish for over a year before coming here (and that's after taking it in college and forgetting most of it), but Duolingo helped me improve my grammar. I'm reading Spanish books now.

  • Finished my German tree. I took 6 years of German in school, but I had forgotten a lot of it. I went from forgetting a lot of German to reading books in it (although not as proficiently as with Spanish).

  • Finished the Russian tree. I took this for a year in high school, but forgot almost EVERYTHING (including how to read and write most Cyrilllic). I'm trying to read in Russian now, but I can only manage about a page a day.

  • Portuguese! I've done 40% of the skills on this tree, and I hope to finish before the Rio Olympics.

  • Dabbling in several other languages. I love how I can dabble in other languages as I have the interest.

Next goal: two years!

May 26, 2016


Great... You and I found Duo on the exact same day! (My score says 499 right now because I have not done a lesson yet today :-) ) I have not missed a day :-) I have concentrated on only one language the entire time, so a little bit different approach. My plan always was to master one language as best as I could on Duo before moving to another. I am getting close. Now... on to do a lesson or two and get my 50 beautiful lingots :-)


May 26, 2016

cool! i wish i could reach something like that, even though i've only been on duolingo a week so far. i'm always going on holiday and never bother to take my devices with me!

May 26, 2016
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Incredible! Congratulations :)

May 26, 2016

Oh goodness, thanks for sharing! How exciting eh? Congrats on your journey. I am a lifelong polyglot myself, though I'm still busy with other programs Duolingo is an awesome treat.

May 26, 2016


May 26, 2016

¬°Enhorabuena, Brooke!

May 26, 2016

Wow, that is amazing! 3 trees finished, incredible! Are you planning on attending the Rio Olympics?

Good luck on Portuguese!


May 26, 2016

No, I wanted to, years ago, but finances really won't allow it. I'll have to just watch them on TV. Maybe I'll watch some of it in Portuguese (or German, or Spanish, or Russian, LOL)!

We're hoping for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics though (of course, I have to learn Japanese for that).

May 26, 2016

Wow, Tokyo? That is great! I am actually going there on vacation this summer! I only wish that I could see the Olympics....that would be the coolest thing ever!!!

May 27, 2016

Congratulations!!! a lot of work.

May 26, 2016

I applaud you on an astounding achievement here!

May 26, 2016
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