Classroom ?

How can I join a classroom as student ?

May 26, 2016


Click on your username, and go to settings. The bottom link on the right-hand panel is called progress sharing. It's in there.

You need a teacher to invite you. Do you have your teacher's email?

umm no.. but i want to join any class, German course for English speakers..

Classroom have been created for the teachers, in order for them to be able to track their students' progress (the main purpose isn't towards learners but teachers). Therefore, when you join a classroom, the "owner.teacher" of it will be able to:

  • see your email address
  • block your access to forums and streams
  • block the learning of some words (and Immersion if you have it currently)

Also, by entering a classroom, you'll not have any new content to the course. The "teacher" will be able to assign you goals, but no new content.

So before entering a classroom, be aware of all that and decide if it's worth for you as a learner to enter a classroom (in particular, is it worth to share your email address with someone you don't know?).

umm.. you got the point.. but.. it's not going to go well if i learn by myself

It's all the idea of Duolingo to teach us like that.
Let you drive by it, give it a try.

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