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  5. "Nie widzę żadnej chmury."

"Nie widzę żadnej chmury."

Translation:I do not see any cloud.

May 26, 2016



A better, more precise translation would be "I do not see a cloud," or "any clouds."


I think what he (Vadik) is saying is that the stock translation: "I see no cloud" does NOT work very well. That's awkward, and no one would say it that way. In addition to his examples above, you could say "I see no clouds", or "I see no cloud cover".


Alright, we'll go with "I do not see any cloud" as the default one, even if it's still not that great, but the Polish sentence had a singular cloud, so "not even a single one!"

"any clouds" and "no clouds" work.


I think the default should be any clouds. This is more natural to say


Because of żadnej, "a single cloud" is a great translation for that


Thank you very much


Why isn't the genitive of chmura used after a negative?


It's exactly what is used here, there's a mistake in the hover tips: "chmury" is singular genitive and nominative plural, accusative singular would be 'chmurę'.

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