"Tôi sẽ thử viết thư vào thứ bảy này."

Translation:I will try writing letters this Saturday.

May 26, 2016



I wrote something like that "I will try to write a letter this saturday" Why the correct transaltion use the plural for "thư"?

May 26, 2016


Yes, you're correct. The given answer was wrong.

May 19, 2017

  • But I think "I will try writing letters this Saturday" is more better.
  • "I will try to write a letter this saturday" means "Tôi sẽ thử viết một lá thư vào thứ bảy này. I think it's not close with the original sentence.
February 25, 2018


I used "try to write" and it was marked wrong.

November 12, 2018


Me, too. Is there actually an important difference between "try doing sth." and "try to do sth." or should we report this sentence?

February 9, 2019


Drop down hints fail.

August 17, 2018


This time I wrote "... the letter..." and it was marked wrong. HOW does one know whether "letter" is singular or plural in this sentence???

November 19, 2018


THIS TIME I wrote "...the letters..." and it was marked wrong. Ugh!!! Sooooo frustrating!!!!

November 21, 2018


Why plural??? Singular was not accepted!

December 27, 2018


There is no "một" to indicate that it is singular. But ALSO there is no indication that it is plural. I have no idea.

February 9, 2019


I will try to write letters this Saturday. So plural as no classifier. Don't know what diff betw ,try to write, and try writing. Think mistake in ănswer

March 17, 2019


Chuong trinh dich gi khung qua di

July 9, 2019
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