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  5. "Tôi đúng."

"Tôi đúng."

Translation:I am right.

May 26, 2016



Wiktionary says đúng is a non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of 中 (used here to mean "correct") - standard reading would be trúng

December 12, 2016


Vietnamese is my first language and 'right' has always been 'đúng'. I always understood the word 'trúng' to be used more like 'I won something' or 'I got something'. I believe the Vietnamese reading for 中 is 'trung' as in 'Trung Quốc' aka China.


“Non-sino-Vietnamese” is tricky since it could include words that were borrowed from Chinese much earlier, but have not been proven to be of Chinese origin. Because of phonetic similarity, đúng is plausibly such a word.


Hmm, some northern Chinese still use this slang, when you agree with something or someone would say: 中 instead of 對.


Meaning "morally correct" or just has the correct information?


I live with a Vietnamese familly, and I speak Vietnamese. But my familly does not ise this accent

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