"Te kobiety sprzątały park."

Translation:These women were cleaning the park.

May 26, 2016

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I put "tidying up" instead of cleaning and got marked wrong. Cleaning the park is a very peculiar concept - vacuming and scrubbing outside? I took it to mean the polish implies more like picking up garbage, etc. Tidying up. Does this not sound awkward in Polish?


I think 'tidy up' is a good phrase for 'sprzątać'. After all, '(po)sprzątać w pokoju' = to make the room tidy. But there wouldn't be anything weird with cleaning your room, right? "Sprzątać" is quite a general term.


Thanks - yeah, cleaning your room is what you'd say. Or cleaning up your room. I think "clean up"means more like "tidy up", or "make orderly" - put stuff away, pick stuff up off the floor", whereas "clean" is more like "remove dust/dirt from surfaces", dusting, mopping, vacuuming, stuff you just don't do outside. But you can "clean up" your yard - pick up trash, raking, trimming the bushes. You would use sprzątać for all that?


Rather yes, unless you want to specify some of those actions. In some contexts the verb "porządkować" could be okay as well.


Cleaning the park to me would be right. "Tidy up" is very rare here and is stereotypical British to us. I don't know if this is the same everywhere in the US because our region is a unique.


Your region being? Just wondering...


I am from the Appalachian Hills of Ohio. Teraz mieszkam w Warszawie.


To clarify here - you would be more likely to say " i am tidying my room" in english than "we are tidying up the park". Therefore, "we are cleaning the park" is more acceptable. However both can be used interchangwbly and is definite ly acceptable.


And both have been accepted for at least two years....


"These women have cleaned the park" was not accepted. Why?


Present perfect implies finished actions, which would be conveyed by the perfective aspect in Polish. Sprzątały is imperfective.


The new audio voices usually do their job a lot better than the old ones. But one thing they often mess up is the vocal stress of the past tense verbs. Here, in "sprzątały", the woman is clearly putting it on the first/3rd last syllable, which is definitely wrong for the 3rd person plural. And there are many more examples. But I know, there's nothing you can do about it...


In theory there is (a relatively new feature), but so far it's not working as it should for me :D I noted this sentence down for later.

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