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  5. "Das ist zwischen uns."

"Das ist zwischen uns."

Translation:This is between us.

January 27, 2013



Is this literally an object in between me and another person, or does it mean there is a secret that only I and the other person should know, or is it both?


I think both, given "Zwischen uns" von Eisbrecher !


"Das ist (nur) zwischen uns (beiden)" has become somewhat common in German but seems to be an "Anglizismus", a new literal translation from English. Better say: "Das bleibt (aber) nur unter uns."


Even when there is just 2 of us?


As far as I know to mean "this will be our secret" you say "unter uns", not "zwischen uns"


You can say both.


what is the difference between unter and zwischen ?

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It is possible to say: "Das ist zwischen mir und dir. Das ist zwischen mir, dir und ihm.", but I have never heard anybody say: “Das ist unter mir und dir”.
Therefore I would say that “zwischen uns” is used for two, eventually three definited persons, while “unter uns” is used for a group.


according to duo, unter is UNDER not Between

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"Unter" can be "under" as well as "among".

unter der Brücke = under the bridge
Das ist unter uns. = This is among us. (a group)
Das ist zwischen uns. = This is between us. (you and me)


In this case uns take the dativ case since in between us there is no motion involved? (I learned this using the wo vs wohin "rule" but since wir -> becomes uns for both dativ and akk, i couldn't be sure)


I think you're right. If the sentence were something like, "This is between us and our friends," I believe it would take the dative and be "uns und unseren Freunden," and not the accusative "uns und unsere Freunden."


Accusative would actually be unsere Freunde (-n only for dat. pl.), but otherwise this is correct.


so i am a genius. I guessed that this is where betwixt comes from. And I am correct. gotta love being a germanic speaker!

Etymology[edit] From Middle English bitwixe, from Old English betwēox, from Proto-Germanic twiskaz (“twofold, double”), from Proto-Indo-European dwís (“twice, doubly; in two”). Compare Saterland Frisian twiske (“between”), Dutch tussen, German zwischen.


Das bleibt unter uns, has same meaning i think


In English there is a transition from between to among depending on the context. Does zwischen cover the meanings of both among and between? If you look it up, you can see there are cases where one can use only between or only among or either one. Anyways, there is a continuum of usage for between and among in English. It would help a lot if someone teaches me if zwischen can be used both as among and between.


I would like to know this too. In English, "between" is when something separates or connects just two things, and "among" is either 1) when something separates or connects MORE than two things or 2) when something is surrounding or permeating two or more things. So, the we keep the secrets "between" us two, but we keep the other secrets "among" us three, and in both cases if there are people with us that do not know the secrets, outsiders are "among" us.

Does German have similar distinctions?


Your first usage is not quite right. Among is used when there is an undifferentiated group of more than two, between when the parties are differentiated. Thus, let's keep this between us (you and me), let's keep this amount ourselves (referring to a group larger than two), but let's keep this between you, me, Bill and Tom (differentiated group).

But I have the same question about whether German has the same distinctions.


I have been thinking about this and I don't think it does. "Zwischen" is more like "between" and "unter" more like "among", but really you can use either one.


But you can also say unter uns gesagt when there are just two people ("between you and me").


Can you say "Dies ist zwischen uns"? If so, which is preferable, Das ist .. etc. or Dies ist? The "us" implies that they are in close proximity.


I trans;ated " This is amongst us" and it marked wrong ???? Why is that? Although it say it would be "this is amongst us"


It would be "Das ist unter uns" ;-)


I see that "among" is always wrong... so how to say "among us" with "zwischen"?

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Why 'this' is wrong?


As far as i know, "das" stands for "that" and "es" stands for "it". Am i wrong?


Das does not mean that ?

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Yes, but not always. The context of this sentence is that two people agree to keep something (a problem perhaps?) between them. "Das" refers to what they just said or agreed.


I think "Zwischen" is the only word I cannot pronounce in Duolingo


Ok, so here's a question about using "das". In English if I hear someone say (without context, as if I walked in on the conversation) "that is between us", I would assume that the speaker is referring to a different person outside of the


It seems that DL is trying t broaden our application of German ( funny,I wish they would do that for many English translations ), by using ' zwischen ', which could mean, ' under our jurisdiction '. Also, 'uns 'can be accusative or dative. In this example, ' between ' can indicate, back and fort direction, indicating the accusative case, or for some, stagnation, indicating the dative case. The German language is interesting in this respect.


Das ist can be "that" or "this", right?


Das ist can be "that" or "this", right?

das can be "that" or "this"

das ist can be "that is" or "this is"

Translating das ist with just "that" or "this" is (usually) not correct.

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