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Unable to access sentence discussions

Anyon else having trouble accessing the discussion page on a sentence from within a lesson? It doesn't happen to me every time, but sometimes I will click on it and nothing happens. All the other buttons (continue, report a problem, etc.) still work, just not this one. I rely on these sentence discussions for a lot of information, so I would love to see this bug fixed soon!

May 26, 2016



Hi Julie141120,

it's unfortunately a known bug (but the exact reason isn't known) which is around for long. See here a 2 months old discussion with details(*) in the comments. But also:

I suggest you fill a "Bug Report" form (with as much details as you can, cf. text in this form), those forms being read by staff. While they will not answer to it (well, up to some exceptions probably ;) ), because they can't answer to each one, they nevertheless use them (among other criterias) to prioritize their list of bugs to be fixed according to the number of Bug Report forms received for each bug.
So the more we will be to report it, the sooner it'll be fixed.

There is, unfortunately, no solution on our side (=users side).

(*) In short: during a given lesson, if one discussion fails to load (for whatever reason) then the discussion of all the following exercises of this lesson will also fail to load.


I see. Thanks for the reply. I filled out a bug report, so I guess we will just wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, for others experiencing this issue, you can always make a note of the sentence you want to see the discussion for, and after the lesson, search for that sentence in the general discussion forum—usually this will take you to the sentence discussion you wanted to see directly.


Note: If you can access the sentence discussion from the forums, then it's not the same bug as the one I was referring to above.


This happens when you have an unstable Internet connection, is'n it? This bug has long been known to me: link, but developers are ignoring my reports.

They need to reset variable "loading_comments" to "false" into function "displayDiscussion" when event "error" occurs. But they set the variable to "false" only by event "success".

Perhaps you will pass it to them?


I have a stable connection via cable and still see this bug.


This happens when you have an unstable Internet connection, is'n it?

Nope, the cases I regularly find aren't due to internet connection.


In any case, this is a bug. If an error occurs, this discussions and all the next discussions will be unavailable until the end of the practice session.

You may check it: turn the internet off, click discuss button, some time later turn the internet on, and try to click discuss buttons at the next exercises of this practice session.

May be, this issue related with other problems, which was reported to them about.

Thank you for your attention.


I have the same problem. I originally thought it was just a browser issue so I would close and reopen it but with no luck. And once it happens in one sentence, I can't see discussion for any of the sentences in the rest of the entire lesson. Seems to happen much more often in the later lessons on the tree which is when discussions can be really helpful. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.


^^This is exactly my same problem. Glad to know I'm not alone!


In my experience, this happens in the German course a lot. Which, between the two languages that I study on Duolingo, makes the German course much less helpful than the French course.


I am having the problem discussed here in the German advanced course, too.


This is happening to me, too.

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For all these comments, danke schön! I find that this frequently occurs with the German course. I will follow your advice and report this problem too, as it completely prevents the helpfulness of discussing many questions.


There is a new issue on the web portal with multiple browsers with the visible Discuss button but when you click on it, it auto-closes the tab shortly after failing to load the thread_id.

Actually this is a cookie issue where Duolingo did not inform its userbase that something fundamental was changed on the web this and last year and user action needs to be taken.

"Solved: "Discuss" icon not working in Chrome": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/49470058

It is the solution full or partly at least.

See my posted comment and bug report response code.

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