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Recent odd glitches (avatar, immersion)

Just in the last two days my avatar seemed to disappear. At first I thought it was browser related as it still appeared when I was logged in on my iPhone. It was missing in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, and today when I checked on my phone it is also blank. Was there some sort of avatar reset that took place? (I should also note that when the new interface design came into use this week my avatar was still there.)

Also in the last couple of days the Immersion pages have been finicky. At first all was fine, but in the last two days the ability to hover over a sentence and move the cursor to the edit button or check mark to rate a translation no longer works. The cursor just moves down to the next sentence, unless there is a paragraph space underneath. This was all fine previously. Did something in the system change? Or is there some weird cache bug on my computer?

Anyone else experiencing these issues?

January 25, 2014

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Well, the avatar decided to come back today.

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