"Las niñas podrán escribir cartas."

Traducción:The girls will be able to write letters.

January 27, 2013

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la palabra THE no iba en la traduccion,esta mal -.-


Hi, what is wrong with "The girl will be able to write letters." ?


No es correcto "will can" ? Por qué?


Hi. You cannot modify "can" with the auxiliary/modal "will" When "can" refers to permission, possibility, or suggestion, the Future is "can" + future time adverb, so that it's clear you mean "future" Ex: You can go to the cinema when you finish your exercises I can help you in a little while You can read a book while we are out

When "can" refers to ability/capacity, the future form is "will be able to" Ex: I can't swim very well, but I will be able to swim much better after a few classes.

Hope it helps.


Si no me equivoco, es porque los dos son verbos modales o auxiliares. "Can" solo puede usarse en presente o pasado ("could"), y en futuro se transforma en "be able to".


Gracias. Me sonaba mal pero no sabía porqué.


be able to ¡? Cuando lo uso?


"ser capaz de..." luego viene el verbo en infinitivo


❤❤❤❤, eso iba a poner. ¿Porqué no CAN?

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