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"Gdzie są wszyscy?"

Translation:Where is everyone?

2 years ago



This one's a little confusing in English, because I've gotten used to są as "are" but in this usage, it's "is".

2 years ago


Well, that took me 11 tries just to spell correctly.

7 months ago


Me too. Please explain to me and Rowan why this is the case

1 year ago

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Well, if there was some noun described by "wszyscy" (wszyscy ludzie, for example), then "wszyscy" means "all", and translates very straightforwardly to "all people".

If this "wszyscy" stays on its own (and it must be known from the context what you mean, but that sounds like 'all people that I expected to see here'), it cannot really be translated as "Where are all", I believe. Even if not wrong, still "Where is everyone?" is a more natural translation. Just a different structure.

1 year ago


What's wrong with Gdzie jest wszyscy? I think Duo used the wrong word.

11 months ago

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It doesn't work like that in Polish. It must be "Gdzie wszyscy", być in 3rd person plural. You cannot do simple replacement from English version in this case.

11 months ago


Since 'wszyscy' has to refer to people, I think an accurate translation of 'Gdzie są wszyscy?' is "Where are they all?" If this is so, it might help some of the English-speaking people make sense of using the third person plural verb. D/L accepted it.

2 months ago