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"Un œuf et des fruits."

January 27, 2013



What is the letter at the beginning of egg? Why isn't it ever explained?


In English, it is called a 'digraph', in French it is described as "e dans l'o". Actually the two letters are melted, which I cannot reproduce here. It is pronounced EU. You will also find it in boeuf (ox), or oeil (eye)



How necessary is the ligature?

One time (very long ago as you can tell by the page layout) I ran into this question: http://i.imgur.com/Z8qMLn6.jpg

As you can see the only difference is whether or not l'e dans l'o is used. According to the Wikipedia sight: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C5%92 it is always necessary and says that it is actually wrong to write "soeur"... is that correct?

Should I try and use oe whenever possible? Is it outdated? Some sites don't even offer it for input (like Memrise), and other references for alt codes don't even mention it: http://www.alt-codes.net/french_alt_codes/

The whole thing is really confusing to me.


What I can tell you is that young pupils learning to write actually form the ligature which is, as far as I know, still compulsory. Now, if your software does not allow to do it, drop that, don't worry. Just for your information, using the French MO Word software, I can tell you that the correction is made automatically.

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