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  5. "Perché l'hai fatto?"

"Perché l'hai fatto?"

Translation:Why did you do it?

May 27, 2016



One of the English translations for "fatto" said "done drugs" so I put "Why have you done drugs?" It was wrong, but hilarious nonetheless.


Nice try. It's true, "fatto" in Italian can mean "high" but, apart from being a different meaning than the one we need here, is an adjective in that case and it would be "Perché ti sei fatto?" Why did you take drugs?" or "Perché sei fatto?" that is "Why are you high?" Here you need to consider "hai fatto", fare, a verb. But funny nonetheless


Was i wrong to write: "Because you did it"?


Yep. Yours is a statement; the sentence is a question. Without the question mark, your translation works.


oh wow, that's so obvious now. Thanks! This was still in the back of my head annoying me two weeks later


Why did you do that? - that was I said. Obviously wrong. Obvi-fckng-ously.

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