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"You have already drunk too much."

Translation:Wypiłeś już zbyt dużo.

May 27, 2016



Said no Pole ever.

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Недоперепил — when you have drunk more than you could but less than you wanted.


like thats gonna stop me


"Wyście już wypili za dużo" was marked incorrect. Dlaczego?

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Ho-ho-ho... As someone, who does not contribute to this very course, I can take my freedom to say my own opinion on that.

I would be very surprised if that were accepted. This is a case of moving the inflected ending of the verb and attaching it to the pronoun or noun. Which is correct, but in most cases archaic (or, at least, dated). And accepting these forms would double or triple the number of accepted translations, while many sentences have already literally thousands of accepted versions.

In the course of EN for speakers of PL, that I contribute to, we do not accept this variant. And there are surprisingly few requests for it.


What's wrong with Już za bardzo wypiłeś?


"bardzo" is used about the extent (I love/like/miss you very much! This is very difficult/easy/stupid! and things like that), not about the number or amount of something.


"Za bardzo" probably makes as little sense as "too very" in English. Or would it be correct with other verbs? In German you can actually say "zu sehr", but it doesn't work with drinking.


It wouldn't make sense here, but it can easily make sense in other contexts.

"Za bardzo się starasz!" = "You try too much!"

"Za bardzo się martwisz!" = "You worry too much!"

Or in a context closer to drinking: "Za bardzo lubisz alkohol!" = "You like alcohol too much!" ;)

So basically "bardzo" can be translated as "very much", and "za bardzo" changes it to "too much".


Okay, so it's about the same as in German. Dziękuję za bardzo ;-)

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