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  5. "Yêu và ghét"

"Yêu ghét"

Translation:Love and hate

May 27, 2016



Aren't those verbs? Shouldn't "to love and to hate" be accepted as well?


Vietnamese verbs seem to have the meaning of nouns as well. (Almost the same in English; „love and hate“ may be the list of feelings or a command).

See a proverb „ba chìm, bảy nổi“ („3 sinks, 7 floats“; about trials in life; the verbs here are countable nouns).

[Those who read Russian may like the story of bad translation of the proverb from Vietnamese into Russian via English — https://vk.com/wall-46299096_26146 — making it „3 bathroom sinks (basins for washing hands), 7 buoyants“]


"Love and hate" in English would generally be taken as two nouns rather than two verbs, I think. Depending on context, I'd say "loving and hating" or "to hate and to love" if I wanted verbs. It would be helpful to know whether "yêu và ghét" could be used to translate "Love and hate are feelings," in Vietnamese.


If you were telling someone close to you that you hated them, would it be

Em/anh ghét em/anh or Tôi ghét bạn

Since em/anh is a romantic thing, and tôi/bạn is not....

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