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  5. "I stop her."

"I stop her."

Traduction :Je l'arrête.

May 27, 2016

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on pourrait dire je la stoppe au lieu de je l'arrete




"je la stoppe" = faux pourquoi???


Quant on dit "Je l'arrete",on parle façon policière ou du genre on l'arrete de parler par exemple


Je pense que c'est correct je stoppe


Stopper est parfaitement compatible


And you too valleygirl


Je la stop (stop ne se conjugue pas)


Lu, Je la stoppe .. (verbe infinitif : stopper)


stopper n'est pas un anglicisme? je ne suis pas de France et chez nous, nous n'utilisons pas ça. Nous utiliserons plutôt le verbe arrêter.


j'ai vraiment du mal avec leur accent ….


Sitesurf- pourquoi n'est pas la traduction "Je lui arrête" ? My question probably is stupid, but it shows that I don't completely "get" direct and indirect objects in French. So, given your often made point about back-translation, would it be correct to translate Je l'arrête as either "I stop her", "I stop him" or "I stop it" ? I mean translate without context? And, would "Je les arrête" mean "I stop them" ?


"Lui" is an indirect object pronoun. It stands for "à+il" or "à+elle".

Here, you need a direct object form "le" or "la", both to be elided to "l'" before "arrête", because "arrêter" is directly transitive.

You will use "lui" with a verb constructed with "à", like "parler à", "demander (qqch) à", "donner (qqch) à", "plaire à", "manquer à", "obéir à"...

Indeed "le, la, l'" can back translate to "him", "her" or "it" and in the plural, "les" will translate to/from "them".


Hello sitesurf you are a good user of duolingo can you follow me please
and you are very strong in English you had helped meso much


Merci bien, Sitesurf. Your wisdom has helped me, like totally, (a 'valley girl' expression) in learning French.


C'est un blague !!! ... Pour quoi FAUTE !!!


"... une blague... pourquoi..."

You are addressing other users here, not Duolingo staff who don't read the sentence discussion forums.
If you need help to understand why your sentence was rejected, you have to copy and paste it in your comment or at least copy it exactly.

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